Joint Venture / Licensing

Joint Venture / Licensing

Easy Solution. Better Results

Our Solid State Reactive Mixing (SSRM) technology could improve several key parameters of existing formulations, which may result in creation of next generation nutraceutical products. The technology is a highly efficient and scalable manufacturing method, compatible with GMP requirements.

Technology Benefits for Consumers

  • Enhanced Absorption
  • Fast Onset
  • Targeted Ingredient Delivery

Technology Benefits for Manufacturers

  • Cost-Efficient
  • Scalable
  • Easy to Integrate
  • Applied to Any Ingredient
  • Applied to Any Product Format

Nutraceuticals Opportunities

Folium Labs Inc. offers health-focused brand manufactures and contract manufacturers an advanced delivery platform that will make their products stand out in this highly competitive environment.

The SSRM technology can be applied to a wide array of ingredients: vitamins, minerals, and botanicals. Research shows that consumers are willing to pay at least 10% premium for products that offer higher bioavailability.




While potential therapeutic benefits of various cannabinoids are undisputable, these compounds are highly lipophilic that human bodies are not capable of absorbing them efficiently. For instance, oral bioavailability of CBD can be as low as 6%. This means we need to consume significantly more in quantity and waste the unabsorbed portion of the drug. By increasing the bioavailability and absorption rate, our SSRM technology can decrease the consumed amount while achieving the same therapeutic benefit.

CBD brand manufacturers, cannabis extractors, cannabis edibles producers will certainly drastically enhance their product offerings with much faster onset of action and drastically enhanced absorption. Product benefits will be significantly amplified and this will be definitely much appreciated by your consumers.