The Solid State Reactive Mixing (SSRM) delivery technology developed by Folium Labs presents unique and highly efficient solution for natural ingredients that are not absorbed or poorly absorbed by human body.

The core of our technology is creating a highly soluble and bioavailable molecular complexes which consist of natural biopolymers and active ingredients. This round matrix of biopolymers acts as a delivery vehicle as it encapsulates lipophilic compounds. 

We use proprietary mixing technique to embed molecules of active ingredients into the biopolymer matrix, and the result is completely soluble complexes that present drastically increased onset of action and bioavailability.

While the technology is simple and cost-efficient, it is capable of increasing the bioavailability of active pharmaceutical ingredient by 7~8 times with faster onset. Many natural compounds with poor absorption and bioavailability can benefit from our SSRM technology ranging from simple natural compounds like curcumin to cannabinoids.

How It Works

SSRM allows the creation of molecular complexes of active ingredients with natural biopolyments. The key biopolymer in SSRM is Hyaluronic Acid (HA), which has multiple applications in human biology.
technology scheme

What Is Hyaluronic Acid?

It is a non-toxic, non-immunogenic, and non-allergenic water-soluble organic molecule. It’s been discovered, that under certain condition.

Hyaluronic acid can form molecular complexes with various compounds and become an excellent drugs and nutrients delivery vehicle.

What It’s Used For

The complexes can be used in nutraceutical formulations, pharmaceuticals, cannabis products, functional foods and beverages. When purchasing a dietary supplement, consumers automatically assume that they will benefit from it, but this assumption is not always justified. The problem is that quite a few supplements contain limited or no bioavailable ingredients at all.

Commercial Applications

Our SSRM technology is highly versatile as it comes in a variety of different formats including

  • powder formulations
  • hard-pressed tablet
  • gummy tablets
  • liquid formulations
  • functional foods
  • beverages.

Our one stage process and lack of additives allows our technology to be highly scalable and cost-efficient.

SSRM delivery technology can be successfully deplored in the following applications:


Minerals, Vitamins, Botanicals, Oils


CBD, THC, and all minor phyto-cannabinoids, including isolates, distillates, and full spectrum extracts

Natural Health Products

Gummies, cookies, mints, juices, carbonated drinks,


Folium Labs Inc. tested SSRM delivery technology on a number of compounds in pre-clinical studies and achieved impressive results.

Figure 1. THC plasma concentrations following oral administration at 20 mg/kg (THC-based doses) to male Sprague Dawley rats (data are presented as mean ± SEM)

Figure 2. CBD plasma concentrations following oral administration at 20 mg/kg (CBD-based doses) to male Sprague Dawley rats (data are presented as mean ± SEM)